An Appetite For Romance

Romance and food, the perfect combo.  These books are always fun and they have recipes too! So enjoy these treats:

Sweet Stuff  by Donna Kauffman

The First Love Cookie Club    by Lori Wilde

On the Steamy Side   by Louise Edwards

Dining With Joy:  A Lowcountry Romance   by Rachel Hauck

Just a Taste     by Deirdre Martin

Last Bite:  A Novel of Culinary Romance    by Nancy Verde Barr

Summer By the Sea   by Susan Wiggs

Hot Under Pressure   by Louise Edwards

Family Affair   by Debbie Macomber

Sweet Baklava    b y Debby Mayne

The Icing on the Cupcake   by Jennifer Ross

Good Enough to Eat   by Stacey Ballis

The Love Goddess’ Cooking School    by Melissa Senate

The Perfect Blend   by Trish Perry

Hatteras Girl   by Alice J. Wisler

Just One Taste    by Louisa Edwards

Belle in the Big Apple:  A Novel with Recipes   by Brooke Parkhurst

Deep Dish    by Mary Kay Andrews

Table Manners  by Mia King

The Lost Recipe for Happiness    by Barbara O’Neal

Bikini Season   by Sheila Roberts

Rosewater & Soda Bread    by Marsha Mehran


Bon Appetit


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