Vampires, Zombies, Let’s Give Werewolves Their Due

Here are some fiction titles about lycanthropes:

The Werewolves of London   by Brian M. Stableford

The Werewolf of Paris    by S. Guy Endore

Silver   by Rhiannon Held

The Silvered   by Tonya Huff

Kiss of Steel    by Bec McMaster

I Ate the Sheriff    by K. Bennett

Kindred    by J.S. Redmerski *

The Wolf Gift    by Anne Rice

Talulla Rising    by Glen Duncan

Blood and Silver   by James R. Tuck

Beauty and the Werewolf     by Mercedes Lackey

Wolfsangel    by M.D. Lachlan

Dead Iron:  The Age of Steam    by Devon Monk

The Pack    by Jason Starr  *

The Last Werewolf    by Glen Duncan

The Real Werewives of Vampire County    by Alexandra Ivy

Never Cry Werewolf    by L.A. Banks

Full Moon City    edited by Darrell Schweitzer

Hunted by the Others    by Jess Haines

The Beast Within    by Erin McCarthy

Wolf’s Cross   by S. Andrew Swann

Curse of the Full Moon     edited by James Lowder

Curse of the Wolf Girl    by Martin Millar  *

The Wolf Age    by James Enge

OverWinter/A Werewolf Tale    by David Wellington

High Bloods   by John Farris

Second Skin   by Caitlin Kittredge

Howling at the Moon:  Tales of an Urban Werewolf   by Karen MacInerney

The Wolfman    by Nicholas Pekearo

Maneater    by Thomas Emson

Fever Moon   by Carolyn Haines

The Benighted    by Kit Whitfield

Wolf Moon    by Charles DeLint

Tempting Danger    by Eileen Wilks

The Promise   by Donna Boyd

Cycle of the Werewolf    by Stephen King

The Nightwalker    by Thomas Tessier

Sharp Teeth   by Toby Barlow

Murcheston:  the Wolf’s Tale   by David Holland


*Author has other titles about werewolves



Game of Thrones

The long awaited third season of HBO’s Game of Thrones will begin on Sunday, March 31st.  Rumor has it that dragons will abound…