Space Aliens invade Earth

The Host by Stephanie Meyer has been made into a motion picture from Open Road Films.  It will be released on March 29, 2013 and stars Saoirse Ronan, Diane Kruger, William Hurt, Max Irons and Jake Abel.  Alien souls invade Earth and possess human bodies.  A small enclave of untainted humans form the Resistance movement to save the human race.  Reminiscent of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Zombie Fans

Here comes a different take on The Walking Dead , the motion picture Warm Bodies from Summit Entertainment will be released in February 2013 starring Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer and John Malkovich.  Based on the novel with the same title by Isaac Marion.  R is the unlikely hero and he is a zombie in crisis.  He knows he is different from his fellow braineaters, he dreams.  Then he meets Julie…

Soon to be a Major Motion Picture

Film:  The Rum Diary   Starring Johnny Depp      Book:  The Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson

Film:  Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy    Starring Gary Oldman, Colin Firth and John Hart        Book:  Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy   by John le Carre

Film:  Big Year   Starring Jack Black and Own Wilson   Book:  The Big Year:  A Tale of Man, Nature and Fowl Obsession   by Mark Obmascik    

Film:  Drive    Starring Ryan Gosling    Book:  Drive by James Sallis

Film:  We Bought a Zoo      Starring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson        Book:  We Bought a Zoo:  The Amazing True Story of a Young Family a Broken Down Zoo and the 200 Wild Animals that Change Their Lives Forever:  A Memoir  by Benjamin Mee

Film:  The Three Musketeers   Starring Orlando Bloom    Book:  The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas

Film:  A Dangerous Method   Starring Viggo Mortensen and Kiera Knightley     Book:  A Most Dangerous Method:  the Story of Jung, Freud and Sabrina Spielrein   by John Kerr

Film:  The Descendants    Starring George Clooney   Book:  The Descendents by Kaui Hart Hemmings

Film:  Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close    Starring Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock   Book:  Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer

Hunger Games

Coming in March 2012, Hunger Games the movie starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth.   Based on the trilogy by Suzanne Collins, it is a post apocalyptic thriller where  teens are forced to participate in the annual Hungar Games, a televised fight to the death but there is hope…Be a  part of the craze, read while you wait for the film and get the inside scoop:  The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay.


I Don’t Know How She Does It

Is the title of Sarah Jessica Parker’s new movie that will be in the theaters on September 16.  Greg Kinnear is her co-star in this comedy based on the 2002 best selling novel I Don’t Know How She Does It:  The Life of Kate Reddy, Working Mother  by Allison Pearson.


The New York Times bestselling book, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game by Michael Lewis, will be released in September as a movie starring Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill and Seymour Hoffman.

Have You Read a Good Movie Lately?

Some of the current blockbuster and forthcoming films will make great summer reads, popcorn is optional:

Film title:   Thor               Book title:  Thor ( Marvel graphic novel series )  by Stan Lee

Film title:    Something Borrowed        Book title:  Something Borrowed  by Emily Giffin

Film title:  Everything Must Go   Book title:  Based on the short story “Why Don’t You Dance” in the collection  Where I’m Calling From   by Raymond Carver

Film title:    The Rite      Book title:  The Rite:  The Making of a Modern Exorcist  by Matt Baglio

Film title:  I Am Number Four       Book title:  I Am Number Four  by Pittacus Lore

Film title:  An Invisible Sign       Book title:  An Invisible Sign of My Own   by Aimee Bender

Film title:  Soul Surfer    Book title:  Soul Surfer:  A True Story of Faith, Family and Fighting to Get Back on the Board   by Bethany Hamilton

Film title:  The Conspirator    Book title:  The Assassin’s Accomplice:  Mary Surratt and the Plot to Kill Abraham Lincoln   by Kate Clifford Larson

Film title:  The Adjustment Bureau    Book title: ” The Adjustment Team”  (short story)  by Philip K. Dick

Film title:  The Lincoln Lawyer    Book title:  The Lincoln Lawyer   by Michael Connelly

Film title:  Beastly     Book title:  Beastly  by Alex Flinn

Film title:  Miral     Book title:  Miral  by Rula Jebreal

Film title:  Desert Flower   Book title:  Desert Flower:  The Extraordinary Journey of  a Desert Nomad   by Waris Dirie

Film title:  Unknown   Book title:  Out of My Head   by Didier van Cauwelaert

Film title:  The Way Back    Book title:  The Long Walk:  The True Story of a Trek to Freedom   by Slavomic Rawicz

Film title:  The Help    Book title:  The Help   by Kathryn Stockett

Film title:  One for the Money    Book title:  One for the Money   by Janet Evanovich