Homicidal Links

A favorite past time, golf, could be challenging, frustrating, it could be murder.  Some golf mysteries:

Red Means Run    by B.J. Smith

Water Hazard   by Don Dahler

Merry Wives of Maggody    by Joan Hess

Whack ‘N’ Roll     by Gail Oust

Where It Lies    by K. J. Egan

Amen Corner    by Rick Shefchik

Hole in One    by Catherine Aird

Bad Lie    by J.R. Corrigan

Center Cut     by J.R. Corrigan

Snap Hook   by J.R. Corrigan

Deadly Divots:  A Golf Murder Mystery    by Gene Breaznell

Back Spin    by Harlan Coben

Murder on the Links    by Agatha Christie

Final Round     by William Bernhardt

Murder in the Rough


Tee time anyone…