Things Could Always Be Worse

In Dystopian novels big brother is watching and everyone must conform:

1984    by George Orwell

Brave New World     by Aldous Huxley

When the Sleeper Wakes   by H.G Wells

Oryx and Crake   by Margaret Atwood

The Handmaid’s Tale    by Margaret Atwood

The Giver     by Lois Lowry

We    by Yevgeny Zamyatin

The Machine Stops   by E.M. Forster

Anthem    by Ayn Rand

Lord of the Flies    by William Golding

Fahrnheit 451     by Ray Bradbury

It Can’t Happen Here    by Sinclair Lewis

This Perfect Day    by Ira Levin

That Hideous Strength    by C.S . Lewis

Fast Eddie, King of the Bees   by Robert Arellano

Neuromancer    by William Gibson

The Running Man    by Richard Bachman

A Clockwork Orange    by Anthony Burgess

The Last Book in the Universe    by Rodman Philbrick

The Lottery   by Shirley Jackson

Alas, Babylon    by Pat Frank

Player Piano   by Kurt Vonnegut

Never Let Me Go   by Kazuo Ishiguro

Amageddon’s Children    by Terry Brooks

The Goodness Gene   by Sonia Levitin

The Postman    by David Brin

Naked Lunch   by William S. Burroughs

The Sheep Look Up    by John Brunner

The World Inside   by Robert Silverberg

Time Out of Joint    by Philip K. Dick

In the Country of Last Things    by Paul Astuer

Iron Heel   by Jack London

We Have Always Lived in the Castle   by Shirley Jackson

Bend Sinister    by Vladimir Nabokov

The Children of Men   by P.D. James

Snow Crash   by Neal Stephenson

Count Zero    by William Gibson

The Chrysalids    by John Wyndham

Fatherland   by Robert Harris

Gathering Blue   by Lois Lowry

Jennifer Government   by Max Barry

The Hunger Games   by Suzanne Collins

The Passage    by Justin Cronin

The Leftovers    by Tom Perrotta

America Pacifica   by Anne North

1Q84   by Haruki Murakami

V for Vendetta   by Alan Moore

The Road    by Cormac McCarthy

Cat’s Cradle    by Kurt Vonnegut