Love Stories

Romances in biographical novels:

White Truffles in Winter  by N.M. Kelby       (Chef Auguste Escoffier)

Claude and Camille:  A Novel of Monet   by Stephanie Cowell        (Claude Monet)

Loving Frank    by Nancy Horan       (Frank Lloyd Wright)

Last Nude    by Ellis Avery       (Tamara de Lempicka)

Last Van Gogh      by Alyson Richman        (Vincent van Gogh)

Leonardo’s Swans    by Karen Essex      (Leonardo da Vinci)

The Ruby Ring     by Diane Haeger      (Raphael)

The Painted Kiss:  A Novel      by Elizabeth Hickey       (Gustav Klimt)

The Women    by T.C. Boyle     (Frank Lloyd  Wright)

Girl in Hyacinth Blue      by Susan Vreeland     (Johannes Vermeer)

Sunflowers:  A Novel of Vincent van Gogh     by Sheramy D. Bundrick     (Vincent van Gogh)

Ghost Light    by Joseph O’Connor      (J.M. Synge)

Mistress Shakespeare    by Karen Harper     (William Shakespeare)

Romancing Miss Bronte      by Juliet Gael    (Charlotte Bronte)

The Raven’s Bride    by Lenore Hart     (Edgar Allan Poe)

Gatsby’s Girl      by Caroline Preston      (F. Scott FitZgerald)

Lust for Life:  A Novel of Vincent van Gogh     by Irving Stone     (Vincent van Gogh)

Passion     by Jude Morgan      (George Gordon Byron)

The Wayward Muse    by Elizabeth Hickey       (Dante Gabriel Rossetti)

Fanny     by Edmund White      (Frances Milton Trollope)

A Quiet Adjustment     by Benjamin Markovits       (George Gordon Byron)

Frida’s Bed      by Slavenka Drakulic       (Frida Kahlo)

Zoia’s Gold     by Philip Sington      (Zoia Korvin-Krukovsky)

Symphony      by Jude Morgan      (Hector Berlioz)

Ophelia’s Fan     by Christine Balint        (Hector Berlioz)

Harriet and Isabella        by Patricia O’Brien      (Harriet Beecher Stowe)

The Open Door     by Elizabeth Maguire      (Henry James)

The Scandal of the Season       by Sophie Gee        (Alexander Pope)

Tenor of Love      by Mary Di Michele        (Enrico Caruso)